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Extravagant, with the desire to express something new and different. These are the characteristics of the Tom Ford eyewear collection, that expresses the glamourous style that the American fashion-stylist has been known for. Sex appeal combined with a daring and elegant attitude. For this reason Tom Ford has been James Bond’s favourite! Model Marko FT 0144 was Bond’s best companion in “Skyfall”, while the new “Spectre” James Bond appears elegant with his Snowdon FT 0237.

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Tom Ford is an iconic symbol in fashion today not simply from the originality but because is a very fashion forward leader since 2007. If you love clothes, Tom Ford’s focus is for those aspiring for design, who want to feel confident and enjoy in what they wear. “What makes the Tom Ford brand superior? Aside from developing an elite, high-class design:

  • Tom Ford pushes the edge with seductive advertising, suggesting extravagance and indulgence.
  • Tom Ford’s trademark attention to detail is evident with each frame bringing a contemporary flair to classic designs.
  • Comfort and style go hand-in-hand. Included in every polished look is a frame made of high quality materials, often with a steel frame &.
  • Tom Fords’ famous design offers an array of hand selected colors and accent that give the brand a unique, bold edge.”
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Tom Ford about Tom Ford Eyewear

One of the challenges with Tom Ford eyewear is that online retailers often carry fake glasses at lower prices, but the quality is far less and repairs can be much more difficult compared to a genuine Tom Ford.

What To Look For When Buying Authentic Tom Ford Eyewear:

Step One
New Sunglasses by Tom Ford are always packaged in a branded retail box. Plus, the logo and font should match exactly to the official Tom Ford logo. Unfortunately, older models may vary in colour and style and can be harder to tell. Also, genuine packaging can be sold along with counterfeit sunglasses, so this is just for starters.

Step Two
Make sure the retail label is still on the box. The sticker helps prove it’s a real pair.

Step Three
Info Booklet & Authenticity Card. Yes! Each box includes an information booklet and card. Check the size, font, spacing, positioning and alignment of the logo and other copies.

Step Four
Cloth & Case. These are standard in most Tom Ford glasses. Plus for sunglasses, parts of the glasses should identify the sunglasses - the rim on top left corner of lens should show the brand and the left arm of the sunglasses there should be a model number or code. New models carry Serial Numbers on the tip.

Step Five:
Purchase your glasses from a trusted Doctor of Optometry like Perfect Vision Eye Lab. Not only does our practice only carry real merchandise but we can give you exactly the low-down of each brand and model. We will ensure your purchase is safe and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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